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Uma Alappan at the ASN


Congratulations to Uma Alappan, Brookstone junior, who was invited to present her science fair project at the annual conference for the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) in Chicago last month. What an incredible accomplishment!! Over 14,000 nephrologists, doctors who specialize in kidneys, were in attendance, but Uma was the only high school student invited to present her findings. No surprise, her project on the acidity and phosphorus levels in commonly consumed sodas, garnered much attention from top universities around the country and even internationally. She received invitations from Emory, Duke, Yale […]

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Proud of Prather!


The University of Georgia had their annual football gala this weekend and our very own Prather Hudson, Class of 2016, walked away with two amazing honors! He earned their Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year Award and was the recipient of their “Dawg Time” trophy, which is given to the UGA football player who made outstanding contributions to the team’s success by consistently playing with relentless effort and competitive toughness. For all of us here at Brookstone who have coached or taught Prather, these honors come as no surprise!  He […]

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Abbie Dillon, Scholar Athlete

Congrats to senior, Abbie Dillion, for being the WLTZ scholar athlete of the week! Click here to watch the news story and read the article below.  We’re proud of you Abbie!   Abbie Dillon is one of the most consistent runners on the Brookstone cross country team. She runs because she enjoys it. “It feels like such an accomplishment after you’ve run six miles or even when you start out doing four,” she said. “You just feel really good.” Dillon has felt good multiple times this year, racking up 5 top ten finishes including this week’s area meet. In the Columbus City championship earlier this month, she set a personal and team record with a time of 21:56.3. Achieving times and finishes like that doesn’t come easy. “A lot of times you forget that you need to try really hard in practice in order to do well in the races and you tend to slack off sometimes in practice especially after a hard day of school,” Dillon said. “But you have to run hard during practice in order to do well in the races.” Cross country though has helped her in more ways than one. Dillon plays tennis in the spring and is able to keep up with her opponents because of the hard work she puts in during the fall and off-season. “Playing a long tennis match, you need to be able to endure that for a long time and cross country […]

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Field Trips!


As we all know, an incredible world exists outside of our classrooms and there is nothing we love more than giving our students the opportunity to explore, learn and experience history and culture in new and fresh ways. And over the past several weeks, our students have been out and about doing just that. Our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders all spent time off campus last week – the 8th graders traveling to North Carolina for a camping adventure; the 7th graders went to Savannah, GA for a Georgia history […]

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